Creative and Adorable Christmas Trees

Book Christmas Tree 

Interesting Christmas Tree Collage on Wall

Simplest Ever Christmas Tree Ladder

Recycled Light Bulb Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Idea Eco-Friendly Book Shelf

Cardboard Christmas Tree Eco-Friendly Design

Recycled Christmas Wreath-2

Today I'am inspired to post about the creativity of recycled Christmas wreaths. Aside from being so colorful they can also add a sense of elegance to your door room or walls or they can be look completely tacky, depending on how you made it. Since a wreath is a repeating pattern wrapped in a circle, you can create them out of practically anything.

Aluminum Cans  (image:

Old Bicycle Wheel


Folding Newspaper German Stars (image:

Plastic Bags (image:

Reused CD

Toilet Tissue Roll

Crayons (image:

Necktie (image:

Colored Magazine Pages  (image:

Puzzle Pieces

  Old Sweaters (image:

Buttons (

Electronic Parts (image:

Coffee Sleeves
If you drink a lot of take-out coffee, 
this is a great way to re-use the coffee sleeves
make a wreath out of them.

Recycled Christmas Decor Video Tutorials

Before you rush out to the department store for a holiday decor, think first and pay a visit to your storage room, garage and attic. You may find a waste items here to turn into a Christmas decor, no need to break your bank, use what you have, save on decor and go on frugal holiday. Just a simple strategies and a dash of creativity can go a long, long way when it comes to decorating. Try all these tutorials for a festive--yet frugal--home.




Uncommon Christmas Decor on a Budget

Majority of us are looking to cut costs now a days, as well as finding ways to lessen landfill waste. As per record, americans spend over 15 billion dollars every year on new holiday decors, which are generally packaged in items that end up in the garbage. With the holidays in full swing, we urged people to recycle materials for their Christmas decorations this year. Use recycled items you would normally consider something to fill your home with Christmas spirit. This will help save money as well as address the garbage problem that piles up during the holiday season.

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Mins !..

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Mins !

Understand The Message That All That Counts!!!!!!!!!!!...inspiring speech....


Soda Can Angel Ornaments

Detailed Information:

12 oz Soda Can
Large Beads for head
Seed Beads for Halo
Craft Wire 20 Gauge
Wire Cutter
Jewelry Pliers
Scissors for cutting Aluminum
Angel template
Craft knife
Needle Tool or Bead Reamer
Masking Tape (optional)
Credit to: LINK

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